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Advice for gardeners

You don't need acres of land to create a wildlife-rich meadow - and it doesn't need to take over the whole garden. 

You can establish a wildlife-rich meadow in just a small area.

An ideal area would be quite sunny and one that isn't disturbed by humans or pets too often. Many of the typical wildflowers survive in low fertility soils, so avoid areas that are very fertile.

  • Ideally you want to start with bare soil, however you can start with an existing lawn or grassy area. It is important to know what soil pH you have so you can match the correct species of grass and flowers
  • Remove the top 6 inches of soil before you plant anything as wildflowers thrive in low fertily soils - just burying the top soil and bringing subsoil to the surface is usually sufficient
  • If the soil is too fertile, the coarser grasses will dominate and prevent anything else growing

Visit our Supporter Meadow Showcase for examples of garden meadows!

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