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Corporate Support

The Grasslands Trust is working to help restore and protect our flower-rich meadows and pastures and conserve our native wildlife. But we can't do this alone and we welcome the support of businesses as well as individuals.

In the last 70 years 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows have been destroyed.  Many sites are so small and isolated they no longer provide a sustainable home for the plants and insects that depend on them.  These beautiful, species-rich habitats support many of our best loved species  - birds such as the barn owl, skylark, and lapwing; mammals like voles and hares; plants such as the green-winged orchid, ox-eye daisy and common mouse-ear; and many types of butterfly and bumblebee.

The Grasslands Trust was created in 2002 to address the crisis facing wildlife-rich grasslands in the UK. Our aim is to secure grassland sites that are rich in wildlife or important for their beauty, landscape or cultural value. 

Our vision is that, one day, everyone in the UK will live near to a wildlife-rich grassland. 

Your business can help us to:

  • Save and restore critically threatened meadows and pastures
  • Protect and conserve our native flowers and wildlife
  • Connect communities with local green spaces and wildlife
  • Campaign for stronger legislation to protect our grasslands

The Grasslands Trust has a growing number of corporate supporters representing a wide range of different businesses and activities.  From signing up to payroll giving, to making us your "Charity of the Year," to sponsoring events, there are many ways your business can help us save and protect grasslands in your area. We accept donations from companies who demonstrate a commitment to the environment. 

You can help us by:

  • Considering sponsoring our Grasslands newsletter.
  • We also have a range of sponsorship opportunities across other publications - please contact us to find out more. 
  • Getting active - get your team together to take on a challenge event. From a sponsored walk, to more adventurous activities such as a parachute jump - these can be fantastic ways to raise money for grassland conservation.
  • Making us your "Charity Of The Year"
  • Displaying a Grasslands Trust collection box - great for customers spare change, these can also be used as a fun "fine" or penalty box in the office.

How to become a Corporate Supporter

Donation amount

There is no fixed sponsorship fee required, but The Grasslands Trust aims to ensure that the amount being donated is appropriate to the size of the company

Use of The Grasslands Trust Logo

Where The Grasslands Trust logo is requested for us, there is normally a minimum donation requirement over the first 12 months of the partnership. This can be discussed based on what the company would like to offer and what The Grasslands Trust will do with the funds.

Contact The Grasslands Trust

If your business is interested in working with The Grasslands Trust, we will be pleased to discuss this with you by phone or email.

For more information please contact Lucy Cooper, CEO:

Tel: 02380650093


Some of our existing supporters

We are delighted to have benefited form the support of the following companies:

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