By | 10/31/2018

As the way of life keeps changing, so do the way people do things, one of such things is barbeque. Over the past few years, people are increasingly moving away from the typical barbeque and continuously adopting electric smokers. Electric smokers are more efficient in both smoking and heat conservation. They also result in a more tenderized meat.

For those who might be interested in having one, it is important to go through reviews that available online so that they can get one that fits their needs. Below are some of the best electric smoker that are available in the market:


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1. Masterbuilt 20075315

This one of the best electric smokers in the masterbuilt brand. One of the outstanding features of this smoker is that it offers a great view of what is cooking and thus one can easily tell when it is ready without necessarily having to open the smoker. Below are the other advantages that you will enjoy this smoker:
– large smoking surface for easier and faster cooking.
-heat consistency
-easy to assemble and use
-has a thermometer
It, however, has the below disadvantages:
-the temperature gauge is usually faulty in some units.
-they are also hard to clean as it allows seasoning to drip.


2. Char-broil Deluxe

This is another type of electric smoker best known for its sturdy body. It is a heavy duty machine that can last for many years when it is well maintained. Below are some of the advantages that you will enjoy using this smoker:
~large smoking area
~heat consistency
~has a see-through window to observe the smoking
~has a meat thermometer
~easy to clean
~able to cook meat that requires low heat like salmon.

Below are some disadvantages that you are likely to encounter:
~remote doesn’t work well or sometimes doesn’t work at all through opaque objects.
~the thermometer is faulty in some units.


3. Bradley Smoker BTDS76P

A unique thing about this digital smoker is that has its unique wooden chips which helps add the flavor. Below are some of the advantages that you will enjoy using this smoker:
~unique wooden chips for different flavoring kinds of meat.
~heat consistency
~ability to cook meat even in low temperature
~large smoking room, suitable for a family meal.
~it is also easy to clean.

Below are some few disadvantages that you may experience with this smoker:
~the wood chips used are exclusive and costly.
~the door latch tends to become over time, this affects insulation.


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The above are some of the many electric smokers that exist. You may, therefore check them and go for the one that you like. The only thing you need to ensure is that the one that you go for will fit the purpose. There are other available smokers which you may want to check out. The master built a brand is one of the most commonly known brands for offering the best smokers that are suitable for different kinds of needs. Some of the other units that you might be interested in include; smoker house little chief smoke hollow 3616DEW among others.