By | 02/15/2018

Deciding to hire maid service to keep your house clean and tidy and neat is one of the best ideas that one would ever have. As people’s lives become busier by the minute, it may be quite hard for you to keep and maintain the cleanliness of your house. Hiring for maid services may be the best decision that you could ever make in such a situation. Before deciding on whom to hire, there are some factors that one ought to have in mind to ensure that the person or the company you hire will suit you best.

Again, given a choice between hiring an independent maid and a maid service company, it is always recommended that you go for the company. Below are some of the reasons why one should opt for professional maid service as opposed to independent maids:


Hiring a company provides a greater sense of accountability as opposed to hiring an individual. A company has a reputation to maintain, and for this reason, employees are most likely to be more committed to their work as opposed to where one works as an individual. Again most of these businesses are insured which means that if one suffers loss due to the activities of the maid service, one will be compensated.



Other than accountability, professional maid service staff hires people who are well trained and able to offer professional services. Rarely will you find a company purporting to offer professional services to untrained staff. An independent maid, however, might decide to start maid service for the single purpose of getting their livelihood. When this is the case, most of them lack skills necessary to carry out the required tasks.


Standard of work

Hiring professional maid service ensures that you are guaranteed of quality and standard work unlike in the case of an independent maid. Unless you are really lucky to get a good independent maid, you will almost always end up with disappointing results. Again, even in instances where the independent maid is good at their work, they might lack the necessary tools and machinery to ensure your house is spotless.


Range of services

Lastly, a professional maid service in Portland can offer some services including ducting, carpet cleaning and there are some who may even go a notch higher and remove pests for you. All this may require a specialized set of tools that an independent maid may not possess. Therefore in case you have more tasks other than the ordinary cleaning, going for professional maid services may be a better choice for you.

The above are some of the many reasons why a professional maid is preferred over an independent maid. It is important however to keep in mind that you might need to pay more than triple of what you would have paid the independent maid. It is, however, better to pay more for quality services than less for services that might create even other bigger problems that you didn’t have at first.