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One of the most important parts of a house is, of course, the kitchen. It could be called the heart of every inhabited house. It is where food is made. Thus it is where happiness is made. Because food equals happiness. When you are just moving into your first house, you need a well-equipped kitchen. Well, to be honest, you need a well-equipped kitchen regardless if it is new or old. To have a well-equipped kitchen, you need appliances. There are a lot of kitchen appliances out there. In this article, we will be discussing countertop kitchen appliances. Here are some essential countertop appliances that you need in your kitchen right now.


Blenders and coffee makers

blenderBlenders really come in handy in the kitchen. Especially if you are a smoothie person. However, it is not just handy for making smoothies, you can also make homemade margaritas with it, you can blend your vegetables and other ingredients to make a delicious soup, and you can use it to make incredible sauces. When you are a coffee person, coffee makers are clearly an essential that you need in your life. Rather than going to buy coffee every single morning or every time you need a bolt of energy at a coffee shop, save your money in the long run by having a coffee maker.

Food processors

The food processor is a very notable kitchen essential in terms of countertop appliances. The food processor is very handy. Food processors can be used in practically any dishes that you are cooking. It is very useful when you want to cook anything. It processes your food and makes your life a whole lot easier. It makes cooking much more simple since it can do all the chopping, slicing, mincing, pureeing, and blending that you need in no time at all. Food processors are indispensable for all kitchen tasks.

Microwave ovens

microwave ovenOther than your conventional oven, the microwave oven is truly an essential that you need in your kitchen. It is such a handy and useful appliance. Heat up your food in no time at all in the microwave oven. If you have leftovers or prepped meals in your fridge, the microwave oven is the best appliance to use to heat them up.


There are lots of other countertop appliance that are very useful to have in your kitchen. Slow cookers, stand mixers, toasters, wine coolers, juicers, dehydrators, waffle maker, countertop grill, and an electric kettle are very handy to have in your kitchen as well.

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