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Self-storage units provide an efficient and affordable way of getting additional space in your home or business. You can rent one at for either a short-term or long-term basis, as per your needs. To ensure you get the most from a self-storage unit, you need to carefully consider the options available to you. Below are the top factors to consider when choosing a self-storage unit.


The most obvious consideration should be the location of the facility. Choosing a facility close to your home means you will not have to drive for long hours with your belongings to store them. That will also save you on commuting costs, especially if you intend to visit the storage unit often. If your reason for renting a storage unit is to move to a new home, choosing a facility that is close to the new home will be a good idea.


self storage workerSelf-storage facilities usually charge rent on their units and some additional costs depending on the services offered. Ensure the options you are considering are all affordable to you based on your budget. Remember to consider all the hidden costs as well. Your decision might be influenced by what you intend to store. For example, you can choose an expensive facility that offers premium security if you want to store valuable items. For items with very little monetary value, you can save on costs by opting for a cheaper facility that provides basic security.


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The size of the storage unit also matters. Choosing a small unit means that you may not fit all the items you want to store in the unit. But, on the other hand, choosing one that is too big will also not be cost-effective. To help you work out the right size, you can send a list of all the items you want to store to storage firms and ask them to give you quotations based on that. The quotations you receive will help you with pricing decisions and give you a realistic idea of the unit size you need.


Another essential consideration to make is the features you need. Start by considering all the features you would need in your storage unit, and then choose facilities that offer such. For example, if you intend to store your valuable art pieces or expensive bottles of wine, you might need a storage unit with temperature control features. Additional features to any storage unit usually come at an additional cost but help ensure your belongings stay in good condition.

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