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Methamphetamine contamination of residential homes is an emerging concern in Australia. In a country with the third-highest rate of meth use, everyone should be careful before moving to a new home. Meth is a dangerous drug that can be inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. Without cleaning up a house of meth residue, it can remain contaminated for many years.

With strict laws governing the manufacture, use, and sale of meth, users usually improvise by making the substance in homes and contaminating them in the process. This should alarm you before moving in a new property because it may have been used as a secret lab for the manufacture of meth or otherwise called as P, ice, or crystal.

The manufacture of meth is not as complicated as you think. It only needs some over-the-counter drugs and the right cooking devices. You can smell an ammonia-like scent when being processed. To conceal that meth is being manufactured in a residential home, windows, doors, and other outlets are sealed so that neighbors will not detect the smell. This makes the contamination of the house even more profound. However, smoking does not emit a characteristic odor so that it can be used in parties and other public spaces without someone noticing it.

Here are some of the most significant reasons you should let the property be meth-tested before moving in.

Your Family Is Exposed to Health Hazards

Meth is an addictive drug. If you are continually exposed to its residue, you can get the same hazards as when you are using it. It can lead to allergic reactions such as asthma and skin and eye irritation. It can also trigger headaches.  A meth testing procedure should never be done away with, especially when you have young children. They can exhibit behavioral changes and sleeping disorders when exposed to this dangerous drug.

Your Relationships with Neighbors Can Be Affected

If your house or unit is located in a close-knit neighborhood or apartment building, your neighbors may be affected as well. They may be able to snort residue through moving air. You can be sued or be the subject of complaints, which can strain your relationship with your neighbors.

You Will Have Better Peace of Mind

Meth testing before moving to a new home will help you have better peace of mind. Knowing that your home is safe and free from any health hazard can assure you that you and your family live in a secure environment. You may not also worry about anything like a possible lawsuit from neighbors.

When applying for a meth testing schedule on your property by a reputable meth testing center, it may be wise to conduct other checks on the property, as well, so that it will be very much ready when you move in.

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